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Why I Create Content

The Untold blog features content that provokes reflection and encourages change. Its blog posts are boldly candid and refreshingly simple, eschewing the expected correctness of the 21st century. Instead, it touches on topics that "should not" be said but often mirror the thoughts many of us have. If you're on a lifelong quest for answers and want to bring about change but don't know where to start, consider altering the perspective through which you view the world and the daily content you consume. Untold serves both your personal and business development, stimulating reflection and fostering change in the lives of its readers – provided they have the courage to acknowledge and act upon it. I invite you to explore my blog posts and witness the impact for yourself!

Courage and Kindness

Do not yield; bow to no one, traverse life boldly, and consistently do good, even when faced with challenging decisions. Good deeds always lead to a positive outcome.

Love and Faith

Embrace the world with love for the people around you and hold faith in higher values. These attributes provide solace during the most trying times.

Purposefulness and Truth

Choose to observe yourself and the world with clear purpose and direction, seeking truth in simplicity and clarity. Within truth, life's essence is found.

Organize Your Life

The first publication in the Untold product series, created to share methodology for organizing everyday life, cultivating systematic discipline, and developing proper habits. Drawing from the author's experience, knowledge, beliefs, and commonly available coaching tools, she aims to inspire you to take action and present you with a straightforward approach to achieving fulfillment and building self-esteem. Written in a simple way, it contains examples from everyday life, practical tips and exercises,. Available in e-book and audiobook.

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