Do You Feel Inspired? Act!

How often do you experience a surge of inspiration, a unique idea that sparks your imagination? You may even jot it down in a notebook, but do you follow through on it later? Many of us have been in this situation; we feel a strong urge to create or act, but the demands of daily life and current responsibilities often cause us to postpone or forget about these opportunities.

I found myself trapped in this cycle when I conceived Untold back in 2020. My daily routine involves extensive reading, watching movies, consuming a vast amount of content on social media, and holding numerous meetings with people from various industries. Consequently, new ideas flood my mind at a staggering pace. To ensure I didn’t forget them, I noted them down on Trello, promising myself that I would sit down and bring them to life when I “found the time.”

The first obstacle I encountered was that the elusive “free time” never seemed to materialize. The never-ending list of tasks and my tightly packed schedule left me perpetually exhausted. Even when I finished my obligations, the last thing on my mind was nurturing my inspiration. However, the most significant challenge emerged when, at the end of 2021, I finally attempted to give life to the ideas I’d jotted down. To my dismay, I discovered that more than half of the concepts no longer resonated with me. The topics remained appealing, but my inspiration had waned. My moment had passed. If I had acted immediately when inspired, I could have produced truly intriguing work. Now, if I were to revisit these ideas, the result would be decent at best, but forced and lacking the genuine spark they once held. I had evolved, and the time for those concepts had passed.

This is a common mistake people make—having inspiration but waiting for the “right time,” which often never arrives. It’s like having a surge of intuition to act but putting it off until the opportune moment has slipped away.

"Act fast on inspiration”

I came across an intriguing statement from a well-known mentor on Tik-Tok: “Act fast on inspiration.” She provides an analogy involving a surfer who arrives at the beach, sees perfect waves, and instead of seizing the opportunity to surf, sits on the shore and waits. By the time he decides to take action, the waves have passed, and he missed the moment for surfing on that particular wave forever.
Inspiration is like an opportunity, and a savvy entrepreneur or someone with business intuition seizes it. They understand that the timing and pace of action are crucial. Successful individuals often emphasize the importance of “timing,” intuition, a touch of luck, and taking action. Think of it as buying stocks in the stock market—timing is everything here. Buying when stocks have low value and selling when they peak leads to the highest profit. It’s simple math. For instance, I invested in Allegro shares when they debuted on the stock exchange. I learned about the presale of Alior shares at around PLN 45 each, sensing their potential, so I made a purchase. Over the next few weeks, their value soared to PLN 89. While I hoped they’d climb even higher, I calculated my profit optimistically. However, the values started to decline, so I decided to sell at PLN 85, which was a smart move because I earned significantly. Most of my friends didn’t sell; they neither gained nor lost at that time, but as of the day I’m writing this article, they’re worth only PLN 43. If I had hesitated to buy during the presale, I wouldn’t have obtained them at a favorable price later. If I had ignored my intuition and not sold, I would have lost out. If, out of fear of my ignorance regarding stock market matters, I had chosen to educate myself on economic mechanisms instead of purchasing shares, I would have gained neither profit nor practical experience. I would have only possessed theoretical knowledge and dreams of future fortunes.

Live in the flow, catch the wave.

Business-minded individuals observe the situation, anticipate opportunities for growth, and make decisions based on intuition and data gathered through observation. Sometimes they succeed, and sometimes they don’t, but statistically speaking, you have to succeed once in every ten attempts, even by sheer chance. Success is often attributed to luck, but it’s rarely a result of blind luck. It’s the outcome of systematic work.

Am I still investing in stocks? Yes, I am. Have I experienced losses? Absolutely. Did this deter me? No, I continue to observe, learn from my experiences, and study the subject. In my free time, I deepen my knowledge. But I don’t wait until I possess a diploma in the field; I combine practice with theory.

Waiting until you’re “ready” or “educated enough” is also a common mistake. We are taught to follow paths established by previous generations. We’re told to attend college, secure a stable job, and build a career before starting a family. But who makes these rules? If, for instance, you aspire to become a programmer, you don’t necessarily need to pursue formal education in the field. Instead of investing time in college, consider finding a company willing to offer internships. You might start by making coffee and gradually learn while on the job. Learning to program primarily involves taking action—sitting in front of the computer, observing others, learning basic commands and concepts, and eventually coding. Do you know where many programmers acquire their knowledge? It’s from resources like Google and fellow programmers. If your priority is to start a family, why wait to complete your education and establish a career? Begin building your family now. If you have a business idea, don’t wait until you’ve completed a five-year management degree. Learn from practitioners, gain hands-on experience, and act on your inspiration and intuition.

Who makes the rules? Let us act as if there were no rules, let us create a model of conduct ourselves.

Live as if there were no predefined rules, while adhering to the law, respecting others, and staying true to your values. Your life belongs to you, and you set the rules. You’re wholly responsible for your choices. Don’t let life just happen to you; experience it in harmony with your true self and in rhythm with the music of your heart and soul. When inspiration strikes, you have a moment to act—not necessarily to do everything right away but to act on the strong impulse and ride the wave of inspiration as long as it lasts, as long as you’re in the “flow.”

Organize your life.

The first publication in the Untold product series, created to share methodology for organizing everyday life, cultivating systematic discipline, and developing proper habits. Drawing from the author's experience, knowledge, beliefs, and commonly available coaching tools, she aims to inspire you to take action and present you with a straightforward approach to achieving fulfillment and building self-esteem. Written in a simple way, it contains examples from everyday life, practical tips, exercises, and beautiful graphics. Available in e-book and audiobook.

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