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Self-esteem is something we are born with but often lose or distort somewhere along our life’s journey. Nathaniel Branden, in his book, highlights three essential elements of self-esteem: self-awareness, self-efficacy, and self-respect. The latter implies having a sense of self-dignity and self-worth.

In my personal life, I have faced many challenging moments, injustices, and unkindness. These experiences have influenced my perception of people and the world I inhabit. The most difficult situations have molded me into a strong individual. If the trials of the past didn’t break me, I have a strong feeling that the worst is behind me. If I can survive and overcome those challenges, not much else can intimidate or shatter me. They say that to build a person, you must first break them. The strongest individuals often endure the most trials. However, not many mention that this gained strength isn’t necessarily complex.

Through my experiences, I developed a habit of not trusting people because I believed they were untrustworthy and often failed to keep their promises. I started to think that love, which is supposed to know no boundaries, actually has limitations, and relying on others can lead to disappointment. I learned to separate emotions and feelings from the decisions I make. I mastered the art of not failing and not getting too involved. I gained control over my feelings, reactions, and my environment because I had been broken and stripped of security. In my behavior and attitude, I created a false sense of security and excluded situations from my life that could threaten that security, particularly close relationships. Despite appearing strong and confident, my self-worth was lacking and incomplete. Rebuilding my self-worth and stitching myself back together helped me accept my situation, confront the danger, and face it head-on. When we confront the truth about ourselves and our situation, we move closer to drawing conclusions, improving our circumstances, and establishing our boundaries.

When we build self-worth, we also gain self-confidence. This confidence extends to our minds, actions, opinions, the consequences of our actions, and the rules we set. When we live in alignment with our beliefs and values, we become unstoppable and fierce because we have an unshakable belief that what we think and do is right. This kind of confidence is inspiring and is present in every main character and true leader, drawing others to us.

“I'm exactly the way I'm supposed to be. I fear nothing.”

Bohemian Rhapsody

These words were spoken by Freddie Mercury, specifically by Rami Malek, the actor who portrayed him in the Oscar-winning movie “Bohemian Rhapsody.” As I watched the movie, I wondered how people achieve the seemingly impossible without being paralyzed by fear, which often hinders success. While working on my self-esteem, I came to realize that when you are certain about something, you simply do not feel fear. You might experience nervousness in the face of the unknown or stress, but it is not the paralyzing fear that stops you. This is how strong our self-confidence is, stemming from our belief in our rights. A strong sense of self-worth makes our values and beliefs as clear and certain as the daily rising and setting of the sun. I believe that we often block ourselves from achieving our goals because of our past experiences, which shape our perspective on the world. We sometimes fail to recognize our free will and capabilities, allowing others to set boundaries when, in reality, we should be the ones making those decisions.
My favorite fantasy author, Sarah J. Maas, created a character named Feyre and beautifully chronicled her journey to regain lost self-esteem. I’ve written about this in several articles, but I can’t resist quoting passages from “A Court of Thorns and Roses” with every opportunity.

"And I realized - I realized how badly I'd been treated before, if my standards had become so low. If the freedom I'd been granted felt like a privilege and not an inherent right [...] "You might be my mate, but you remain your own person. You decide your fate - your choices. Not me. You chose yesterday. You choose every day. Forever"


Much like Feyre’s journey, our self-esteem is a gift that we are born with, and it’s irrefutable unless we choose otherwise. The power of choice always rests with us; it’s our decision whether to exercise our right to freedom or surrender it to others, content with the scraps they offer. Feyre realized the truth, embraced it with courage, and recognized that it was always hers to claim. She let go of her feelings of inferiority and inadequacy, acknowledging that she was exactly as she was meant to be. Each of us possesses a true self-identity that is precisely what it should be – ideal and adequate. It’s our responsibility to see it, accept it, and set it free.

For a more in-depth exploration of the self-esteem theme, I invite you to visit my YouTube channel, which provides a detailed discussion on this topic.

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