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Imagine the goal you want to achieve in life, something you’ve been dreaming about since childhood. Visualize it in your mind. Is it becoming a famous singer, scientist, doctor, writer, owning a large company, or creating a revolutionary product? Everyone dreams about something, but few of us make those dreams come true. We all aspire to achieve a lot, but what steps are we taking to move in that direction, beyond merely visualizing the finish line? Who are those individuals who not only work towards their dreams but also attain greatness and success? Why do the vast majority of us simply live without achieving our goals, only to later regret that we didn’t act?  
On a chilly November evening, I’m engrossed in the new Netflix series “My Name.” The main character’s father is murdered, and the girl, Yoon Ji Woo, seeks revenge by joining a criminal organization that deals in drugs. After becoming a trained gang soldier, she adopts a new identity to pursue a career in the police, all in an effort to infiltrate the drug department units, find her father’s killer, and exact her revenge.

"Did you think you are special?"

“Did you think you were special?” These words were spoken to the main character by the antagonist, Ganjgjae, during one of their confrontations. He wants to destroy and humiliate her, driven by hatred, jealousy, and envy because he believed he should be the one in her position. He feels that Yoon Ji Woo took that opportunity from him by outperforming him in a competition. Instead of focusing on self-improvement, he allows himself to be consumed by base emotions typical of “small and weak” people who respond to bruised egos by stepping on others who possess what they desire. However, reflecting on what made the protagonist unique, it wasn’t merely her belief in her own uniqueness. It’s disheartening to see society pushing the notion that “everyone is unique,” one of the biggest lies of the 21st century, because not everyone is special. Many of us are ordinary, and there’s no shame in that. If everyone were special, none of us would truly be unique; the word would lose its value.

The main character stood out from the rest because of her excellence in her work, consistently achieving above-average results. It’s essential to understand that she wasn’t born this way; she achieved it through systematic, continuous, and relentless practice – going beyond the ordinary, day and night, until she was out of breath. She worked harder than others, and that’s why she achieved better results.

Imagine you want to become a singer and practice for one hour a day for six years. It’s doubtful that this will lead to success, but you will certainly be better than those who don’t practice at all. Now, envision practicing singing for eight hours a day for six years instead. It’s hard to imagine that you wouldn’t become a very skilled singer after such dedication. Yet, systematic work is only part of the recipe for success, which is surprisingly simple yet challenging for many. We rarely encounter individuals who work systematically, consistently, with discipline and unwavering dedication. So, what’s the secret ingredient to success?

Another crucial aspect of the path to success, alongside consistency, is motivation and purpose. This is what drives people to get out of bed each morning, day after day, and relentlessly pursue their intended goals, undeterred by adversity. When someone possesses strong motivation, a clear goal, and knows the answer to the question “why do I want to achieve what I’ve set out to do,” they will pursue it steadfastly. It won’t be difficult; it will be a natural course of action.

The main character is driven by a desire for revenge, a negative and life-poisoning feeling from a mental health and ethical standpoint. However, this intense emotion became the core of Yoon Ji Woo’s existence, an unyielding drive that leaves little room for interference.

"Do you trust her?
I trust her desperation - she will be our dagger."

“Do you trust her? I trust her desperation – she will be our dagger.” The above quote is from a conversation between the gang leader and his right-hand man. One of the men doesn’t trust Yoon Ji Woo, but the other sees her motivation as an opportunity to further his own goals and secure his interests. This underscores the leader’s ability to understand people and select the right individuals for his team. If we know a person’s goals and motivations, and if those motivations are strong enough, we can trust that they will achieve their goal while benefiting us, provided our goals align (as manipulation leads to nothing positive).

So, as a recipe for achieving a goal, we already have two essential ingredients: consistency/persistence and motivation and purpose. The final element is to find a strategy to do so, which the series will help us understand.

"No matter how much you train, they will be stronger anyway, don't think about winning, but about killing [...] attack their vital points"

“No matter how much you train, they will be stronger anyway. Don’t think about winning, but about killing… attack their vital points.” These words were spoken to the heroine by her mentor during training. He showed her how to gain a competitive edge, emphasizing the importance of assessing the situation realistically, a crucial skill in life and business. Regardless of how much Yoon Ji Woo trained, she wouldn’t physically surpass her male counterparts due to differences in anatomy and physique. To excel, she learned to target vital points, relying on her speed, intelligence, and knowledge to create an advantage. Men in battle relied on strength, while she relied on knowledge of anatomical weak points, her agility, and her unwavering motivation.
The combination of these three elements resulted in the perfect mixture, achieving her goal. It’s not for us to judge whether her goal was right, but it was her life’s mission. I wish for each of us to achieve our goals and fulfill the dreams we’ve carried in our hearts.
Yoon Ji Woo

"Now It's Just Beginning"

“Now It’s Just Beginning” The main character practiced for several years before hearing these words. If you want to make your dreams come true “quickly,” remember that patience and discipline are just as important as persistence. I haven’t seen or heard of anyone achieving success overnight, and even when it appears that way, we often forget or are unaware of the years of systematic preparation, practice, and effort that went into that success, which is merely the tip of the iceberg. Our obsession with quick success is simply unrealistic.

Writing this blog, I am fresh after watching “My Name” on Netflix, and I can confidently consider it one of the most captivating productions of this year. Diverse and compelling characters, a world crafted in a relatively realistic and raw manner (within the bounds of enjoyable viewing), an exceptional script, unexpected twists, a captivating soundtrack, and well-choreographed fight scenes are just the beginning of its merits. I recommend it and give it an 8/10 on IMDB. When you watch it, pay attention to the themes I’ve discussed above; I’m eager to hear your thoughts and comments.

Consider this: What do you want to achieve, and what motivates you? The path may vary, but the first step is to start.

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